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We create immersive experiences that empower humanity, build community and bring people together.

SimoneFx Reality Labs is a Mumbai-based immersive content production company specializing in creating immersive stories across all XR platforms.

We are team of storytellers, technologists and developers passionate about fusing experiential technology into narrative-driven experiences for creative and commercial objectives.

Our creative and technology teams make virtual reality apps and interactive games for brands and collaborators that embrace the Metaverse.

Our extensive VR/AR/MR pre-production, production and post production capabilities enable us to create stunning immersive experiences.

We Power Your Story


Collaborative ideation on delivering commercial outcomes

Expert guidance on value proposition, using VR/AR/MR to drive business objectives and improve ROI


Dedicated creative and technical teams with full visibility across the VR/AR value chain

Single point of expertise for accurate estimates and project management

Connectivity across dedicated in-house R&D channels to connect creative vision to technical execution

Viewer Experience

Curation of custom viewer platforms to empower stories, brands and objectives

Dedicated development capabilities for custom mobile or PC/Mac VR/AR apps

Extended physical installations and activation points (e.g. AR as triggers for content)

Research & Development

Proprietary VR/AR bio-feedback capture technologies and viewing solutions

Significant investment into our R&D pipeline

Low-cost proof of concepts, development of A/B testing, analytics, audience testing

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